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With so many studios around the country, it can difficult to identify the one studio that will meet your requirements and deliver your vision.  Choosing a studio to either take that baby bump, baby photos, family portrait, wedding shoot, etc., can be a tall task for anyone.

We highlight some important aspects that will give you the confidence to make the right choice for your shoot.


Quality of the Photography

It would be so disappointing to go for a professional shoot and end up with mediocre portraits that do no justice to you and your family and friends.

Before you settle on a photography outfit, go through their portfolio, attend one of their outdoor shoots incognito, peruse their website, talk to the establishment and observe the quality of the photos.


Don’t Focus on the Rates

The worst mistake you can make is to shop based on pricing and rates.  We’re sure you all know the acronym, cheap is expensive.  Do not get swayed by the excitement of affordability when it comes to photo shoots.



What Does the Studio Offer? How diverse is its portfolio of services?

A good professional outfit is one that gives you more than you expect.  It has a wide range of services that will do your photos justice?  Do they have modern printing technologies such as UV printing such like is offered at Virtual Studios?  Can they shoot at any location of choice?  Are they flexible and able to work with different ideas like Apeal Photography?

Compare portfolios and consider what moves or excites you the most. Which studio is the most innovative or shows the best expertise in relation to light and composition?



Booking, Sales & After-Sales Service

When looking around for a professional photography outfit, take great consideration of the engagement?  Some studios are very aggressive in signing you up to the point of not allowing you time to think through your decision.  Others are not forthright with sharing their rates.  A photographer or studio that does not share their rates to the public is a red-flag. Ask around for the after-sales service and customer care of the outfit before you commit.



Studio Feel, location and Amenities.

How does the studio feel when you walk in?  How is the welcome?  What is the first impression you get? The quality of professional studios varies – whereas some have state of the art equipment, others have created an ambience in the studios, while others operate from their homes or are freelancers (they come to your desired location).


What kind of Photography Outfit are you looking for?

There are different types of photography studios.  There are those deigned for family shoots, video shoots, model shoots, etc.  A studio may be getting all the hype but when you visit for a family shoot, you discover they only do shoots for movies, or models.  Do your due diligence to avoid disappointment.

Family photography is about patience, warmth, friendliness and developing a rapport with families which is what Virtual Studios and Apeal Photography are widely known for. When you visit the studio, look at the portraits on display, and ascertain that the photos are original ones taken in the premise by the in-house photographers.



Does the Studio offer professional guidance and advice on your shoot?

An ideal photography studio takes the time to indulge you, listen to your ideas and work with you to deliver your dream and create your memories for now forever.  Are the photographers flexible?  Do they offer retouch services on the photos taken? Do they advise on the right color of clothing to deliver a good photo?  Do they advise on what to do to make your children comfortable during the shoot?


The small things make a whole world of difference.