Tips for selecting the perfect photo to decorate your wall.

how to choose the best photo to print for the wall

Introduction: When it comes to decorating your living space, nothing adds a personal touch quite like a carefully chosen photo displayed on the wall. Whether it’s a cherished family portrait, a breathtaking landscape, or a momentous occasion, selecting the right photo to print is key to creating an eye-catching and meaningful display. In this guide, … Read more

How to Choose a Photographer or Photography Studio: Your Comprehensive Guide

  Introduction: In today’s visual-centric world, capturing life’s moments through photography has become increasingly important. Whether you need a photographer for a special occasion or to create lasting memories, choosing the right professional can make all the difference. With numerous studios in your neighborhood, it can be overwhelming to make a decision. Fear not! In … Read more

WhatsApp’s image quality reduction is a bummer for photography lovers.

The advent of digital sharing via WhatsApp has changed the landscape of photography entirely. Now, it’s easier than ever to take and share pictures with others – Thanks to the various platforms available, artwork is more accessible than ever before. WhatsApp is a great way to instantly share memories with your friends and family. Even … Read more

Fun and Creative Alternatives to Photo Frames

Photo frames are a great way to brighten up a room, but they can be costly, bulky, or impractical for those who don’t want to drill holes in their walls. For those who still want to make a statement with their photos, there are plenty of clever picture frame alternatives. All you need is some … Read more

Tips for a Stress-Free Photo Session with Your Children

If you’re preparing for a photo session with your kids, you might be a bit nervous. Why? Children aren’t always easy to manage, which is why the following tips will come in handy before your upcoming photo shoot. Let’s begin. Prepare ahead of time  If you’re going your children’s photoshoot will be long, make sure … Read more

The Perfect Time To Do A Pregnancy Shoot

Sharing in the joy of your little one begins during your pregnancy. Preparing for your newborn’s arrival can be stressful, but your maternity shoot can help to alleviate this stress by reminding you of how beautiful your belly is and the journey is. Maternity photos play an important role in documenting your journey and will … Read more

How To Pick a Wedding Venue

Are you recently engaged? Congratulations! The big day is now fast approaching and where do you even begin?  In case you don’t already have a specific venue in mind, the options we have here in Kenya can be quite overwhelming when deciding on “the one”.  We’ll make it a lot easier for you to narrow … Read more

What To Look For In a Photographer Before Booking Them

Photography is undoubtedly a very powerful form of artistic expression. Although Instagram can make us feel like professionals, the food, travel, and selfies posted don’t come close to the work of professional photographers. So let’s look at what makes a good photographer, so whenever you’re searching for a photographer to capture your moments, you are never disappointed. 1. Passionate and ambitious … Read more


The local photography and videography industry is fast changing with revolutionary concepts that are taking advantage of the current trends.  The new Virtual Studios App designed for photo printing and booking of shoots, is one amazing application that was conceptualized by the founder and CEO of Virtual & Apeal Studios, Mr. Jimmy Thuku. When the … Read more

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