The month of love is upon us and we’re here for it.  This is the most wonderful month of the year for us, as it is the time we get to show love through the portraits of our lenses.

As we count down to Valentine’s Day, the perception is that this is the day for couples, but who’s to say that it is exclusively for lovers?  Valentine’s Day has greatly evolved over the years to become more than just about couples, but about family, pets and friends.

There isn’t a better occasion to create beautiful memories with unforgettable Valentine’s day photoshoots than this one.

So, how do you prepare for your Valentine’s Day shoot?

  1. You don’t need every detail of your models’ lives, but you do at least need to have a brief about their relationship. Ask the couple to share a few details of where they met, what they love about each other, places they like to visit, and favorite activities. This will help you create a perfect space for them, or source a location to do the shoot.
  2. Photograph the models while engaged in their favorite activities. Could be a picnic, hiking, bike riding, camping, swimming, etc.  You have to go the extra mile to deliver superb memories. To get perfect shots, the models have to be in the moment and full of joy, the photo moments should not have rehearsed.

Turn these memorable activities into Valentine’s Day themed ideas.

  1. If your clients are homebodies and would much prefer being indoors, create an indoor Valentines theme. Get the right props to create the desired mood and work in a space that does not have too many distractions and have good lighting.
  2. Ever heard of macro-photography? This is where you take photos of small details, like wedding bands, flowers, a book, etc.  The little details of your relationship make for a memorable and emotional photoshoot.
  3. Create a cozy and intimate setting for your shoot.  You can set up a candlelit area at a designated spot, or create an outdoor space with diffused paper lanterns. Take toned down portraits of your partner using candles as a light source.Instead of doing the conventional chocolate and flowers, why don’t you try out something different this Valentines by talking to us at Virtual and Apeal Studios?  Our photography skills will provide you a timeless, romantic gift so special for Valentine’s Day and you’ll always have a memory captured for now and forever.

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