5 Creative Gender Reveal Photoshoot Ideas

Are you looking for a creative way to reveal your baby’s gender on social media?

Here are 9 classy photo ideas to recreate and post on Facebook or Instagram in order to share the big news about the gender of your baby. Have fun browsing!

1. Smoke Bombs

Set off a set of pink or blue smoke bombs, and pose for a gorgeous photo opportunity.

2. Balloons

Pink or blue balloons make adorable gender reveal pictures.

3. Older siblings

What’s it going to be next? Using older siblings can be absolutely funny and creative.

4. Letter Balloons

If you want to take the balloon idea to the next level, you can use letter balloons to spell out the gender for some great photo opportunities.

5. Confetti


Pink or blue confetti says it all!

Are you planning a gender reveal party or photoshoot? Talk to us and we’ll bring your vision to life.