Here at Virtual Studios, we have professional portrait photographers who create portrait pictures and headshots that people actually like. These images are used by a business as corporate portrait photography and also by individuals who want to capture more personal profile pictures. Up to date photos are necessary for a website, social media presence, or … Read more

Art vs. COVID-19


Towards the end of last week, Kenya confirmed her first case of COVID-19; days after the World Health Organization declared the disease a pandemic. This becomes the second global disease outbreak of the 21st Century after Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) which swept across continents in 2002, almost crippling local and regional economies. However, this … Read more


Virtual Studios Mounts

There’s no doubt, the evolution of tech has simplified how we do things in the world of photography, but it has also compromised quality photo mounts. In recent days we’ve witnessed the emergence of cheaper options of photofinishing. Lucrative deals of cheap mounts and frames headline social media every day. The difference in price is … Read more

Fashion photography 2020

Photography has been playing an essential role in the fashion industry for many years, and its contributions are numerous. No word can describe what a photo shows when it comes to fashion. Fashion photography is all over you will see hundred of pictures of women and men dressed up showcasing their; footwear, clothing and accessories. … Read more

Invest in family photos that you’ll never forget!

Family Portrait photography is all about capturing human beings and conveying their emotions, stories, or situations. A good family portrait photograph can illuminate the subject’s feelings and stories through the use of lighting, composing, depth of field and posing. Family portrait photography always provides you with a lifetime of happy memories that will be cherished … Read more

The importance of Framing/Mounting Photos at Virtual studios

The holidays are over, and I am sure you had you made wonderful memories you’re your family and friends. Precisely, you or one of your friends have taken a lot of photos of all the beautiful get-togethers, cousins meeting, parties, and events. Instead of letting these photos languish on your smartphone or social media platforms, … Read more

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